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My work is nothing more than the result of imagination clashing with the limits of a tool: the vertical tension loom, to then magically construct an object as old as man himself: the dress.

Tapestries to wear

The jacket or coat is developed on the loom by taking shape, shaping, at the same time as the design that decorates it.
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They are like tapestries that are transformed into garments: tapestries to wear. Each jacket is made from one or more panels ready to be assembled.

I use merino in the warp and mohair in the weft and although the weft is very thick, the jackets are soft, light and warm.

Lucia Boni


Lucia Boni

Mi diverte realizzare un pensiero e perdermi nelle difficoltà e conseguenti trasformazioni. 

Nell’attesa di vederlo compiuto.